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Waach                 to observe: as in waach my things

Waandah             to roam or, a feeling as in I waandah who is next

Waandahfill         excellent: as in the dinnah was waandahfill

Waas                    intended

Weah                   At what place: weah is my tie

Weanah               victorious: the first past the weanning poas

Wean-dow           glazing panel

Weanning            to come fest

Weave                 to move a hennd to and fro or, as in the sea

Weck                    be employed

Weckliss               pee-pill without weck

Weds                    one of the units of spitch or ryeting

Weech                 determiner: question as in weech way do I go?

Weel                    circular rim: for tyres

Wee-men             feemels; leddies: as in the wee-men don’t all hev paatnahs

Ween                   to come fest

Weend                 gust of air

Ween-screan        glazed panel in kah

Weentah              opposite of Summah

Wee-pon              armament

Weeth                  using: as in he went weeth his friend

Weethawwit         not heving: as in he went withawwit his friend

Wekkas                those being employed

Weld                    the eth

Wems                   little crawly cree-chars

West                     least best: as in she is the west teechar in school

Wet                      to stay in one place or, remain inak-tif

Weth                    an asset: as in she is weth her weight in gold

Wetting                to stay in one place or, remain inak-tif

Whej                    shep: as in the thin end of the whej

Whell                   in satisfactory manner: I am verry whell

Whent                  require: as in I whent thet todeyi

Whet                    a measure of heaviness

Whum                  hot: as in it is whum awtside

Wok                     the act of raising one foot then the utha

Wuss                    comparison of ill luck: as things got wuss for me

Yahnng                opposite of awld

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