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Taach                   feeling: as in thet’s hot, don’t taach it

Taa-goat              where a marksman aims

Tampracha          hotness or coldness of a boddy

Tebbel                 a flat suface with legs: as in I sit at the tebbel to hev my dinnah

Teck                     gain posseshun: opposite of geave

Teechar               instraakta or one who teeches

Teen-edjah          a yahnng pesson

Teksi                    kah for hire

Tekteek                a planned move

Tems                    conditions: as in those are my tems of biziness

Ten                      to rotate

Tenning Point      rotate about something

Teppis                  hot and cold water valves

Teps                     solvent to thin paint

Terratry                any tract of lend or dee-streek

Terririss                guerrilla fighter

Tex                      levy to raise revenue

Thaandah            a deep rumbling noise

Thest                    craving to drink

Thet                     determiner: as in thet idea waas rezzed by me

Thredt                  fine cord: as in there is not a thredt of evidence

Tims                     in sport: the group of players make up two tims

Tipic-allie             characteristic

Tock                     to express ones thoughts

Toll                      to grow: as in you will bekaam toll one day

Tol-lawrense        quality to endure: as in he has tol-lawrense to stend pain

Tox                      negotiations

Traadishun           customs of the pee-pill

Traast                   confidence in truth: as in I traast you with my maahnie

Treenk                 to swallow liquid

Treffick                 verry great: as in it was a treffick fight to waach

Trektah                a farm vehicle

Tren                     a passenger carrying vehicle

Trenning              to exercise: as in I went to sports trenning last night

Trenspot               to kerrie: as in awa trenspot is a baas

Trep                     any plan for tricking a pesson: I was caught in a speed trep

Tritmaant             to a patient: as in I will go to the kleenix for tritmaant todeyi

Trub-bill               unrest: as in he made a lot of trub-bill for me

Ufrican                 from the African continent

Ummey                military land force

Up-peeah             seem: as in they up-peeah to hev pussed us

Utha                     besides: the utha deyi I saw my friend

Veesitt                  to go or come to see a pesson or place

Vegatabool          food plant

Venn                    a motorised vehicle: in order to transport goods

Verry                    to add emphasis

Vil-laaje               a small group of shex

Vishun                  to see or to see fetha ahead

Vott                      an opinion of the pee-pill at the ballot box

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