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Paablik                the pee-pill

Paartee                social gathering or, group engaged in ak-tifitee

Paatnah               haasbendt or, wife: as in she is my paatnah

Pableekashun      Preented metter

Pableesh              to pru-juice or make preented metter

Pawt                    container: as in the pawt is fool

Peareeowd          a space in time

Peas                     absence of war

Peas-Tox              tock arranged between two parties to settle metters

Ped                      past tense of pay: as in he ped the maahnie

Pee-pill                folk

Peess                   a part of: as in a peess of keck

Peessas                see peess:

Penn                    to hurt: as in there is a penn in my arm

Penteen               pietchaa on kenvis: as in look at that nice penteen on the wall

Pepper                 ryeting material: newspepper, toilet pepper etc.

Perint                   faatha or maatha: as in my faatha is my perint

Phaamilur            well known to me

Phil-lum               Movie

Phlegm                ignited gas: as in on top of a kendel

Pietchaa              visual representation of something as in look at the pietchaa

Pleit                     a sport or diversion: as in we pleit ruckbee in school

Plen                     ordinary: as in she is a verry plen gel

Ples-teek              synthetic material: as in the spoon is med from ples-teek

Poas                     stake in ground: to hold fences

Poo-pull               student

Porsibol               capable of existing: as in it is porsibol to len to drive a kah

Possesshun          belongings or, to owen

Povatee               poor or, needy:

Powah                 ability to do something powahfill

Powahfill             having great powah

Prawnptid            to urge or induce: as in he prawnpted me to do it

Preent                  applying ink to pepper

Preeson               jail: a bill-ding to house convicted krimenaals

Pretess                 dissent: as in we will pretess against thet

Pru-juice              to make or, food from the guddin

Pruppuh               suited to a purpose: as in thet is for its pruppuh use

Pull                      an area of water or, sweaming pull

Purrot                   person committing purrocy like purrot sheep or, purrot teksi

Pussed                 to overtake

Raanaahs             track sports pessons

Raanin                 to move fast: as in I was raanin away from them

Rawbah               a pesson thet will teck goods belonging to anaatha pesson

Rawlah                A row-wind seeleendah: as in the guddin rawlah

Reach                  wealthy

Reange                the limit: as in reange of vishun

Reenk                  an errior for ice-sketin or, rawlah-sketin

Reesint                 not long ago: as in thet is the most reesint book

Rees-nobill           showing sound reeson

Ree-son                of sound mind or, resh-unall jaadjement

Reeva                  a flow of water for sweamming or drinking

Reflakshun           as seen in a meeror

Re-jeem               administrashun; guvvermeant

Rekom-pence       bloated stummick

Re-kwest              to ask: same as dee-munds

Rellie                   to organise support or, kah race

Remens                stays behind

Ren                      water from the sky

Resh-unall            to use lawjeek: as in you must be resh-unall in your theenking

Rewod                 profit for return: as in sum of maahnie is offered as rewod

Rezzed                 to bring up or leafted: he rezzed the box with the crane

Riches                  to arrive at: as in he riches his destination

Rod                      an open way: as in thet rod leads to Keptown

Rodwey                see rod:

Row-wind             shep of a ball: as in the hoop is row-wind

Ruckbee               sport: as in we pleit ruckbee in da school

Ryete                   correct: as in maybe or, it is awa ryete

Ryeting                to put down on pepper

Saabjek               the main topic: as in the main saabjek todeyi is English

Saamthing           unknown thing

Saan                    a hot planet warming the eth

Saviss                  to serve someone

Scenes                 during: as in I hev not seen heem scenes brekfest

Scotched Eth        guerrilla tekteek

Scotched              same as benned

Seatee                 large town: as in Keptown is a meja seatee

Seateezan           naturalised pesson of a state or kaan-tree

Seelinndah          circular peess, blorked at the ends

Seeng                  to mek musikaal sounds

Seengah              pesson thet meks musical sounds

Sekreefice           to serrendah or give up

Selekshun            to choose: as in he is awa selekshun for leeda

Sencharee           a peareeowd of 100 years

Send                    loose material of rock and mineral: as found on bitches

Senk                    to go below the sirfaas: as in the boat senk below the sirfaas

Serrendah            to give up: as in to surrendah awa wee-pons

Seth                     Opposite of North

Sexshun               a part of

Shaw                   become visible: as in shaw me your cat

Shawk                  extreme surprise or fear: as in I had a shawk when I saw her

Shawp                 store for goods and savisses: as in I buy my tea at the shawp

Sheep                  big boat

Shep                    the awwitline: as in he is good shep

Shet                     garment: as in he has a difforand shet on todeyi

Shex                    houses in squatter camps

Ship                     farm enimools with wool

Shit of Pepper      something to ryete on

Shuck                   cartilaginous sea predator

Shuck-attaak        as in Jaws

Shuck-nets           to prevent shucks from reaching sweamas

Siduashun            state of affairs

Signifikaans         importance

Seek                    Being ill

Skeen                  covers the body

Sketin                  a bled or weels: as in I went to the ice-sketin reenk

Slip                      retire: to go to bad and slip

Smol                    little as in the smol boy

Sneks                   reptiles: cobras etc.

Soljah                  in the ummey: as in he is a good soljah

Sorka                   a ball game between two tims

Sowah                 bitaah: as in this lemon is sower

Spar-ed                apart: as in he spar-ed his arms apart

Spe                      anaatha: as in I hev a spe weel in my kah

Speetsh                see spitch: to tell utha pessons what to do

Spik                     to converse to anaatha

Spitch                  what politicians make at a rellie

Staat                    the beginning: as in to staat the kah

Staat-ting             the process of the beginning: as in he is staat-ting the kah

Staired                 to move: as in he staired the cup of tea

Steal                    motionless, silent: or, as in he is steal my friend

Steek                   a wooden branch

Steje                    platform: where ectas pe-fom

Stil                       to teck goods belonging to anatha pesson

Straak-cher          konstraakshun: as in the straak-cher of a bill-ding

Straakkal             to strive or exert energy as in we had to straakkal

Strawng               tough; as in powahfill

Stummick             belly

Stuttered          to begin: as in the man weeth the gun stuttered the race

Suffa                    to undergo: as in he will suffa if they find out he is a rawbah

Suffuss                 the top of: as in the suffuss of the tebbel is smooth

Sum-boddy          some pesson

Summah              opposite of Weentah

Sweamas             compete in a sweaming pull

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