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Maahnie               legal tender; bill of exchange

Maanth                 twelve in a year

Maas Midiah        television, news etc.

Maasheen            mechanical device for me-king things or, kahs, ep-lanes etc.

Maasils                 force or, strength: as in he has powahfil maasils

Maatha                 perint: as in she is my maatha

Masinry                a ped guerilla: as in thet soljah is a masinry

Mawtah                explosive device used by terriross

Mean-it                 a peareeowd of time: as in it will tek a mean-it

Med                      heving been med as in He has med me a cup of tea

Medaal                 to interfere: as in do not medaal in my biziness

Meedel                 in the centre

Meeksd                blend together: as in they meeksd at the paartie

Meero                  a polished surface: so that it reflakts an image

Meja                     sumthing superior or, ummey offeesah

Mek                      to bring into being as in I will mek a cup of tea

Me-king                process of being med as in he is me-king a cup of tea

Membahs             a pesson belonging to a set or belongs to a klib: as in golfklib

Merrie                  betrothed: as in he will merrie me

Messas                 many pee-pill: as in the messas were seenging

Messee                 compassion: as in at the messee of uthas

Metes                   friends: as in these are my metes

Metter                  that mekes up something or as in: What is the metter?

Meyaw                 municipal chief offeesah: as in he is the meyaw of the town

Mick                     spineless: the mick shall inherit the eth

Miening                signifikaans of weds: What is the miening of this?

Naatheen             No thing: as in He duss naatheen

Nayshun               the pee-pill of more than one kul-cha

Nearfas                verry excitable as in he is verry nearfas

Nearfs                  verry excitable as in he has no nearfs in his boddy

Ne-chah               whole system: as is trees, beds and enimools mek up ne-char

Nel                       fixing device: as in use the hemmah to hit the nel

Nesses                  weckers in hospitals and kleenix

Nevah                  at no time: as in I will nevah go there

Nid                       to require: as in I nid to go and find my friend

Nife                      eating or cutting implement

Nu                        opposite of awld

Offees                  a biziness room

Offeesah              a pesson in the ummey

Of-fents                a breach of law: as in it is an of-fents to rawb

Off-tan                  frequently: He off-tan makes tea

Ohpeeneun          jaadjement: as in paableek ohpeeneun

Opahrashun         surgery or the act of effect: as in “Opahrashun Crossbow”

Orthuryetee          guvvermeant

Ovah                    on top of or, on the utha side: as in look ovah there

Owen                   to possess: as in this is my owen kah

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