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Jaadje                  legal umpire in kot

Jaadjement          to determine

Jawb                    employment: I got a jawb as a teksi driva

Jentall                  calm or soft: as in she waas jentall with the bep-pee

Joe-begg              major city in South Afica

Kaan-tree             terratry: any tract of lend or dee-streek

Kah                      motorised vehicle

Kalass                  red, orange or green: kalass of skeen of different pee-pill

Kansal                  to postpone: as in let’s kansal thet meeting

Kawse                  ree-son: as in she was the kawse of my downfall

Kebbijees             vegatabool that grows in the guddin

Keck                     baked food: as in a peess of keck

Keeds                   chealren

Kefuul                  with care: as in be ke-fuul where you wok

Kendal                 piece of wax for benning

Kendidett             pesson seeking elekshin

Kennel                 ummey officer

Ken-nott               to express inability: as in I ken-nott do thet

Kenvis                  heavy cloth: as in I use a kenvis to do my penteen on

Keptown              Seth Effrican seatee

Kerakta                a reputation: as in he was a man of Kerakta

Kerrie                   to transfer: as in please kerrie thet parcel for me

Kesh                     legal tender; bill of exchange

Kettagry               system of classification

Keved                  an arched line: as in the roof is keved

Kipper                  pesson in charge: as in goal kipper or zoo kipper

Klak                     an offees wecker

Kleea                   transparent or, free from darkness: as in it is a kleea deyi

Kleenix                place for medikaal tritmaant: where nesses weck

Klevah                 intelligence: as in she is klevah

Klib                      big steek, or, as golfklib or place for pessons with like interests

Kockyne               addiktif druk

Kon-sen                to relate to: as in he felt strawng kon-sen for hiss cat

Konstraakshun     to bild or mek a bill-ding

Kormeant             a remark or, observation: as in I will now kormeant on thet

Kot                       legal place where jaadje sits

Kree-ashin           to pru-juice; a whole universe: Gawt’s kree-ashin was the eth

Kreemenaals       pessons thet comeats crimes

Krek                     to break or split: as in the wall hed a krek in it

Krekked               see krek

Kriss-moss            holideyi in Decembah

Kruwal                 pain without pity as in thet is a verry kruwal man

Kulcha                 the total idea of social ideas and beliefs

Kwes-chin            to elicit information: as in let me ask you a kwes-chin

Kwy-at                  calm or weethawt noise: as in he is verry kwy-at

Lamb                   disabled or, without feeling: my leg feels lamb

Lawah                  being below: as in you must lawah it slowly into the water

Lawjeek               to analyse

Layaah                 stratum: as in it hes a theek layaah on it

Leafed                 to raise

Leafted                see leafed

Leavah                 a device for pulling

Leaved                 remained at: I leaved in a house

Lebba                  to weck: as in the lebba is always done by the weckers

Lebbaraas            the weckers

Ledah                  steps for climbing bill-dings

Leddie                 a wee-man

Leeda                  the president or person who rules

Leekah                 any elkaholeek dreenk

Leffaahl               even: as in thet floor is leffaahl

Lek                       shortage: as in a lek of information

Lem                     young ship: bred for wool

Lemp                   for lighting a room

Len                      to acquire knowledge

Lend                    a peess of grawned or, eth

Let                       arriving after a set time: as in I waas let for weck

Leta                     as in: to send a leta to a friend

Letah                   see let: afterwards: I will see you letah

Li-yah                   to tock aantroo: as in you are a li-yah

Loos                     free from: as in the belt is very loos

Lungwich             spoken weds of a dee-streek

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