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Gawt                    supernatural being: as in I go to chetz to praise gawt

Geave                  to present: You must geave or I will take

Gel                       see wee-men or feemel: as in she is a gel

Gems                   microscopic bugs

Genn                    to acquire or, to obtain: as in heess loss is my genn

Genning               see genn

Gepp                    an opening in a wall

Get                       hinged device in a fence

Gorsh                   exclamation: as in gorsh, I forgot to baath todeyi

Grawned              from the eth

Greps                   fruit that makes wine

Gretta                   more: as in our needs are gretta than theirs

Guddin                 where you grow kebbijees

Guro                     to increase in size: I will guro kebbijees in my guddin

Gurowth               see Guro

Gurowwing          to increase more in size

Guvvermeant       orthuryetee

Haad                    not soft

Haadlee               barely: as in he haadlee knew hees father

Haasbendt            a wee-men paatnah: as in he is my haasbendt

Haff                      divided into two: as in you must pay haff my maahnie

Hair                      female: as opposed to heem

Hairpin                 see also heppen: as in to take place or, occur

Hatt                      the body pump

Haul                     an opening: there waas a haul in the fence

Hawra                  extreme fear: as in I have a hawra of sneks

Hawt                    verry whum: as in it is hawt awittside

Haw-tell               an inn: as in we were in the haw-tell near the bitch

Heard                   the upper part of a boddy: as in I hev eyes in my heard

Heel                     less high than a mountain

Heem                   male: as opposed to hair

Heffee                  heving great weight: as in gold is heffee

Helleped              to assist sum-boddy

Hemma                tool: as in use the hemma to hit the nel

Hendowt              gift to needy person

Hennd                  part of an arm: as in I must hennd this to you

Hepees                 a wig or toupee

Heppen                See Hairpin as in to take place or, occur

Heppi                   State of being: I’m so heppi

Her-bit                  an established custom: as in it is my her-bit to to go for a wok

Herro-ween          addiktif druk

Hets                      painful: my arm hets

Hett                      to despise: as in I hett that man

Hetted                  see hett: to despise:

Hev                      to own: a belonging

Hiss                      masculine form of hairs

Hi-yis                    most high: as in it is the hi-yis bill-ding

Hood                    determiner: past tense of will: as in hood he go out with me?

How-weffah          besides: as in how-weffah, he is a big boy

Hubba                  where sheeps dock: Keptown hubba

Id-dendidee         to recognise itch pesson by a mark, scar,  passport etc,.

Inkloot                  to add: as in we will inkloot my friend

Insprayshun         stimulation of the mind: He is an insprayshun to me

Instraakta             one who teeches or instraaks

Itch                       singular pesson: as in itch and aviary pesson

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