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Daahssd               fine powder: the weend blows the daahssd

Daalishiss             appealing: as in this food smells and tastes daalishiss

Daansaah             pesson thet moves feet and boddy to music

Daanse                 move feet and boddy to music

Debben                seatee in Kwa Zulu Natal

Debit                    to discuss: as in it was a lively debit

Deed                    past tense of ‘do’: as in deed you absev thet?

Deeficol               not easy

Deeforand            unlike: as in he has a difforand shet on

Deekleh               to mek known: as in I deekleh him the weanah

Deekshunry          a book of weds

Deemokaarasee   by the pee-pill: as in thet kaan-tree is a deemokaarasee

Deemokrateak     see deemokaarasee:

Dee-mund            to order

Dee-scavah          to be the first to find

Dee-spley             to show or make visible

Dee-streek            an area for the pee-pill

Deezev                 worthy of: as in we deesev more maahnie

Denjer                  state of being at risk

Denjeraas            see denjer: as in it is denjeraas to go there

Desh                     to run: as in I desh to catch my tren

Deshing                see desh

Det                       When you out in the eth

Deted                   see dett or, outmoded

Dett                      deyi of maanth: as in the dett todeyi is… or, go out on a dett

Detty                    opposite of clean

Deyi                     opposite of night

Deyis of week      some: Maandeyi, Choosdeyi, Whensdeyi, Saandeyi etc.

Die’llas                 as in druk die’llas, card die'llas or wee-pon die’llas

Dinnah                 evening meal

Diyeeh                 When you are going to be det

Drawp                  let fall: as in don’t drawp thet

Drawpdt               see drawp: as in he drawpdt the cup

Drinn                    to flow away: as in thet drinn is blorked

Driva                    holds the weel of a vehicle

Druk                     medical substance Kockanyne, Herro-ween etc.

Duck                     as in very duck at night when the lights are off

Duss                     to make it heppen: as in it duss me good to see you

Ebbel                   capable of: as in I am ebbel to weck

Ebben                  as in Ebben and Rural erriors

Ebcents                to be away or, stay away

Ecta                      a person in a play or phil-lum

Ectrass                 wee-man ecta: as in she is an ectrass in the play

Edge                    a peareeowd of time: as found in awld edge, yahnng edge

Edgint                  pesson ecting for anaatha pesson: as in tock to my edgint

Eds                       Seekness thet can mek you diyeeh

Eeko                     reflakshun of sound

Effit                      using energy: as in it took all my effit

Effri                      all: as in effri day I hev dinnah

Effrican                from the African continent

Effriwaan             all the pee-pill: as is effriwaan is going

Ekanormix           finances: as found in home ekanormix

Ekskep                 to get away: he won’t ekskep from preeson

Elieah                  before the expected time: as in I waas here elieah todeyi

Elkaholl                powahfill dreenk

Encaarij               to inspire: as in it is good to encaarij somboddy

Enimools              any living beast: or living cree-char

En-tring                to go inside: he is en-tring my house

Envaaremen        ecology: as in all enimools leave in awa envaaremen

Ep-lane                a flying maasheen

Ep-ot                    a lending and tecking off errior for ep-lanes

Erriors                  dee-streeks: ebbon erriors

Et                         determiner: to describe location as in I am et the house

Eth                       the weld: as in the mick shall inherit the eth

Everidge              a typical or normal amount:as in he is an everidge pesson

Ew-ways               flight carrying passenger saviss

Ex-sent                 different ways of tocking

Ex.....                   always from fowals: like in ex and bekon

Faatha                 perint: as in he is my faatha

Fakiss                   Facsimile

Fawn                    for transmitting speetsh: as in you can use the fawn

Feemel                see leddie or wee-men or as in she is a feemel

Feesh                   from water: as in feesh and cheaps

Feh                      to confirm to rules: as in we can share this and thet’s feh

Fekt                      known to have taken place: it is a well known fekt

Fell                      be unsuccessful or, to lose: I could fell the exam

Fems                    cummershaal enterprises or  companies

Fenachar             inside a house: as in look at the fenachar in the house

Fest                      prime position: comes before second and third

Fet                       overweight: as in thet fet man must loos whet

Fet-fil                   remains loyal

Fetha                   beyond: as in I went fetha than heem

Fevah                   high boddy tampracha or, dry skeen: my son has a fevah

Fewcha                time yet to come: is in our fewcha in their hands

Field                    see fool: to make more fool: as in my cup is field

Fiktim                   a pesson thet suffaas: as in he was their fiktim

Fok                       eating implement used with nife

Fool                     containing as much as possible: as in the pawt is fool

Foolee                 see fool: to the greatest degree: I foolee unnerstand

Forloe                  behind in the same direction: as in forloe those wee-man

Form                    mass of small bubbles, soap etc: I always hev a form baath

Fum                     you can fum with ship or kettle

Fumma                owns the fum: the fum has animoels like caa-woos

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