Alphabetical Pages - ABC

Aagumint             to wrangle: as in it was a lively aagumint

Aahbeowze          misuse: as in I don't whent to aahbeowze your traast

Aah-mace            surprise: as in aah-mace me, do thet trick again

Aahpollyjize         express faults: as in I aahpollyjize for my faatha

Aalam                  to warn: as in he gev the aalam

Aandah                below: as in my soap is aandah the besun

Aandahstend        to comprehend: as in I aandahstend your point

Aantroo                to tell a li-yah: as in thet is aantroo

Absev                   to see or, teck notice: as in deed you absev thet?

Ad-dik                  pesson who ken-nott do without: as a druk ad-dik

Aggzampol          pesson worthy of imitation is in he is an aggzampol to uthas

Ak-tif                    wecking or moving around

Anaatha               one more

Archeev               to bring to a successful end

Arse                     collective as in me: refers to group: as in give arse maahnie

Aviary                  all: aviary one is going to hev a great paartee

Awa                     determiner: as in awa dee-munds

Awld                    long existence; as in the awld man leaved a long time

Awwit                   a point beyond: as in she went awwit

Baab-bells            grouped air pockets: as in my dreenk is full of baab-bells

Baablee               lively: as in he was verry baablee todeyi

Baahs                   places to dreenk elkaholl

Baanch                a grouping: as in a baanch of greps

Baas                     a passenger carrying vehicle

Baat                     determiner: in contrast as in he is big baat, not so verry tall

Baath                   container to wash in

Bad                      to sleep on in the bad-room

Bad-room             a room for sleeping

Bawksa                pugilist: as in he was a bawksa

B-C                       See: bee-see

Beck                     opposite of front

Beckgrawnd         pesson’s class: as in she comes from a poor beckgrawnd

Beds                     Doves, Eagles, etc. that fly

Bee-kaws             on account of: bee-kaws I didn't go to weck, I lost my job

Bee-see                active: Can't you see thet I'm bee-see?

Beg                      container: as in shopping beg, hend-bag, tog-beg

Bekaam               to come to be: you will bekaam toll one day

Bekem                 past tense of bekaam: things bekem bettah for me

Bekon                  ham: as in ex and bekon

Ben                      to set alight: as in I will ben a kendel for you

Benck                   lendah of maahnie:

Bendt                   to be prohibited: as in I was bendt from going to the rellie

Bennas                 items of cloth: as is off-tan used at rellies

Benned                see ben: I have benned a kendel for you

Benning               see ben: to be alight

Bep-pee               infant:

Berrya                  anything to obstruct: as in thet fence forms a berrya

Besiklee               of relating or, a basis: as in besiklee, he is a nice chap

Besun                   a container: as in put water in thet besun

Bettah                  comparison of good luck: things bekem bettah for me

Bettal                   a big fight: as in a military bettal

Biet                      to strike: as in he biet me with a steeck

Biif                       domestic enimool: bred for meat

Bill-dah                one who meks a bill-ding

Bill-ding               something with roof and walls

Bitaah                  sower: as in this dreenk is bitaah

Bitch                    sloping down to water: as in send or grawned by the sea

Bittin                    defeated: as in we were bitten in ruckbee

Biziness               see Fems: as in cummershaal enterprises or  companies

Blaad                   red fluid of life: as in he spilt some of his blaad

Blawnd                Feh or of light complexion: she is blawnd

Blork                    hindrance or peese of wood or as in a bill-ding blork

Boosh                   trees and foliage

Breeje                  spans a road or a reeva

Brek-fass              morning meal

Brev                     courage: as in he was a brev boy

Brick                    to separate: as in you are going to brick thet toy

Bricking               see brick: as in you are bricking thet toy

Bumming             explosive blast

Caas-hin               relative: the child of an aunt as in he is my caas-hin

Caavah                shelter or disguise: as in put the caavah on the kah

Cents                    to understand

Chealren              little pee-pill: our fewchar in their hands

Cheaps                 fried potato: as in feesh and cheaps

Cheekin               domestic bed: as in I breed cheekin for food

Chenge                to make deeforand: as in we are to chenge the kah

Cheng-jing           see chenge: as in we are cheng-jing the kah

Chetz                   where worshuppas go on Sunday

Choint                  to connect: as in I choint two peessas of wood

Comeat                to hand over: as in I comeat this boddy to the grawned

Cree-chars           enimools and wems

Crem                    unlawful acts: as in it is a crem to rawb

Cuds                     you play poker/rummy etc. with cuds

Cummershaal      engaged in biziness

Cut                       a small donkey-drawn vehicle

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