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This Talented Cafe website gives a cross section of talented people their own space or place to chill out, have their say or whinge, find out what's happening and what news is on the move. We give you the contact numbers to everything and everybody who count within the literary, artistic, agency and movie field that you would ever need to approach. But first, the Talented Cafe strongly suggest that you orientate and read the information set out then, and only then, go to that page first, otherwise it will inevitably only lead to more frustration and heartache from rushing in where "Angels fear to Tread".

Relax, Grab your Drink and Swap Friendly Ideas!

The Talented Cafe email address book for "Who is Anybody" online Publishing & Entertainment Database

Some of what you find here

The Blog Room post your pictures and videos
This is the room for Artists, Authors, Singers, Musicians, Models to have their say or have an old fashioned whinge. You can trade stories and tips with other like minded people.

Huge Who is Who direct email address database
Here, you find the direct in-house email addresses of anybody, publishers, talent & literary agents all worthwhile contacting be they the CEO or dogsbody who is Publishing, Agency Business or Movie Production with the field that most Talented People would seek.

Add your own website and spread the word
Many artists out there have their own websites? Well, add your URL address and expand the search engines hunt for your site, the more of you that do the wider they spread themselves as the list grows. It does no harm advertising yourself does it?

The Dating Room for those wanting to make friends
There is also a dating room and discussion forum wfor that someone you may have met through the Talented Cafe or their friends and others who may have simply joined to meet up and make lasting friendships.

The Bulleting Board, Advertise Yourself
An advertising place for Talented Artists, Authors, Singers and Others to place their ads and see what is being looked for by Publishers, Agents etc.

Tell a talented friend about this Website
If you know of someone who is say a budding author and does not know where next to turn (We all know someone?) then simply send them a direct email and let them visit and make up their own minds. We never divulge any email addresses.

See where people live with satellite mapping
We even supply satellite mapping allowing those who make friend, get an offer to meet an agent etc. to go straight on, put in their address and the other address and get the route straight to them.

Send someone you know a quirky Postcard
Now you can also send a friend a zany postcard in an almost email format and you will know when it is picked up by them. It is simply part of this community service.