I am looking for work in Reklam,TV,Film, or on Stage. I am Stephen IronMan McNatt
I’m an actor / stuntman / special effects tec, I am 47 years old and married, I am Native American I dance mens traditional play the flute and tell old tribal storys I look in my 30’s I have Long brown hair and eyes I weigh 200 lbs and I am 5ft 9 inches tall and I am in great shape I worked with Helsingborg Theater 2005 in the show Mice and Men it was the most popular show in the history of that theater and was extended twice, my
roll was one of the prime supporting players. I can become anyone and become anything I am needed to I am a character actor, a gaffer a special effects technician a stuntman, fight coordinator, firearms expert, as a second job I teach and lecture on Native American Tribal Culture and History. I take direction well and I LOVE TO WORK. I will relocate for work and I will travel I am sorry but I don’t speak Swedish well But
can do lines in Swedish with practice.

past work
I was a Union Cav Solder in all 3 films and stuntman I did stunts on and off horse back and fought with sabers hand to hand and with Knives and helped to choreograph some of the knife and hand to hand fighting sequences.

Played a Native American in all 3 films, in Wind River I was a stuntman and one of the assistant fight coordinators and also an extra. In Smoke Signals I was an assistant stunt technician and Native American extra, in Dances with Wolfs I was again a Native American and stuntman, and was also employed as a
I can start now anytime Please I need a job if you can use some one that is able and
willing to do anything you have please call me

Thank you.

Stephen IronMan McNatt
Vintergatan 8 B
26731 Bjuv

I have noticed a trend in the past few years, scam artists are getting smarter in the modeling biz! Years ago there were only a few and it was obvious who was what. Lately, even I have been shocked at what these crooks have cooked up. These individuals have gotten smarter and realize new faces in the industry are more educated, thus they have gotten more creative in their attempts to hide the real deal.

Here are a few reoccurring scams I’d like to point out to help all of you save time and money!

By far, the most popular scam is what we call a photo mill.

This is an agency that makes their money by sending models to photographers that are ON STAFF to shoot expensive photos and produce a comp card.

Robbie Mac

These agencies don’t make their money by booking work only selling pricey photography. They sign up anyone with a credit card and book few jobs.

Be suspicious of any company that forces you to shoot with a certain photographer. Normally, that means someone is getting a kick back!

A legitimate agency will give you what they call a testing list. This is a list of all good photographers in your area that you’ll be able to contact and pick on your own. A good agency shouldn’t force you to use their printing company rather suggest one but let you do it on your own should you choose to.

Also, a brand new model should never print more then 500 cards at one shot. If you’re new, chances are your first card isn’t going to be strong. It’s simply just a way to introduce you to clients. You’re going to want to keep shooting to gain experience and update your cards within a few months. So, 500 cards isn’t a good idea. 100-200 cards are enough to get started and they shouldn’t cost more then $1.00 per card to produce.

You shouldn’t have to write your check out to the agency, rather to the printing company directly.

However, this scam does not apply to only the modelling profession, it will also apply to actors, dancers, singers etc.

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