Downloading Text, Videos or Pictures is a simple matter- From your DASHBOARD go to WRITE

NOTE:- This is a powerful Upload Tool… From this area you can upload Video, MP3, SWF, PDF, Pictures, even Powerpoint and Word Documents, where else do you get that?

  TEXT   When the Write Box appears write your text, . (Special Note:- If the text buttons can’t be seen, just hit your refresh button that will bring then in), if you want to link some text, highlight  that portion, click on the chain link and putting in the http:// address to link to. 


Also, add picture from your UPLOAD Box. 

  You can find more details in “How to use this Blog” 




To download pictures & videos directly from your computer you use the same method by just going to the upload box placed below the write/post box and give the Upload a title and description in the upload box. Upload directly from your computer, left click on the uploaded picture (TIP:-you can use drag & drop or send to editor and make sure you have LINK TO FILE and USE TITLE) then drag your upload into the POST box and publish.

 For Text, Videos, PDF or SWF messages apply the same method. 

To upload Videos from outside blogs such as YouTube, simply Go to your Dashboard, Click on WRITE, then place your message in the text box. Click the EMBED “A” button then put in the YouTube address that you’ve copied from that website together with its ID number found on the YouTube website: Example its the http:// plus the video ID number on the address found on their page generally near the video and once happy, click PUBLISH.   


Right! Go to it and try telling your friends, the more bloggers on here, the quicker the blog expands and the more people start communicating and networking

 How simple is that? 

    Do it once and then you know for next time?  

Go to the Blog and have your say!

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