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Many professional performers work freelance and are, therefore, self-employed. The Corps of Army Music is currently the UK’s largest employer of professional instrumentalists offering a career up to the age of 55. For orchestral players, employers include ballet, symphony, opera and chamber orchestras some of whom will be large enough to employ musicians on full-time contracts. These employers will also employ people on a freelance basis to play specialist instruments, for certain performances and to cover absences, e.g. for those on maternity leave.

Self-governing orchestras, which tend to be less financially secure than the bigger orchestras, will employ musicians on a regular basis, but tend to pay their musicians as freelancers rather than as salaried employees.

There is also occasional work offered by independent fixers for choral society performances, recording sessions and outdoor performances. Freelance musicians or permanent staff can take on this ad hoc work.

The most common employers of singers are opera companies, as there are very few professional choirs. This can lead to other employment opportunities as many of the larger choral societies employ opera singers for solo and oratorio work.


I am looking for work in Reklam,TV,Film, or on Stage. I am Stephen IronMan McNatt
I’m an actor / stuntman / special effects tec, I am 47 years old and married, I am Native American I dance mens traditional play the flute and tell old tribal storys I look in my 30’s I have Long brown hair and eyes I weigh 200 lbs and I am 5ft 9 inches tall and I am in great shape I worked with Helsingborg Theater 2005 in the show Mice and Men it was the most popular show in the history of that theater and was extended twice, my
roll was one of the prime supporting players. I can become anyone and become anything I am needed to I am a character actor, a gaffer a special effects technician a stuntman, fight coordinator, firearms expert, as a second job I teach and lecture on Native American Tribal Culture and History. I take direction well and I LOVE TO WORK. I will relocate for work and I will travel I am sorry but I don’t speak Swedish well But
can do lines in Swedish with practice.

past work
I was a Union Cav Solder in all 3 films and stuntman I did stunts on and off horse back and fought with sabers hand to hand and with Knives and helped to choreograph some of the knife and hand to hand fighting sequences.

Played a Native American in all 3 films, in Wind River I was a stuntman and one of the assistant fight coordinators and also an extra. In Smoke Signals I was an assistant stunt technician and Native American extra, in Dances with Wolfs I was again a Native American and stuntman, and was also employed as a
I can start now anytime Please I need a job if you can use some one that is able and
willing to do anything you have please call me

Thank you.

Stephen IronMan McNatt
Vintergatan 8 B
26731 Bjuv

I sent my resume around the internet via Monster and got a hook from a company in Florida. Not unlike a hungry fish, I took the bait and, after paying them $500.00, I am now an Affiliate, meaning I am a sales person who signs pre-qualified leads up for a $50 fee and $20 per month. There’s no yearly contract, so, I was thinking I’m not putting anyone out of much money if it doesn’t work for them; and the company has been very nice, diligent with their training, and straightforward as far as I can tell.

AFTER THE FACT I read on a website and the following facts are emerging much to my disappointment:

FACT: People at casting agencies, modeling agencies, and talent agencies see enough potential models in person and receive enough photos through other means that searching online for “new faces” is unnecessary.”

FACT: Good casting directors, modeling agents, and talent agents are too busy to spend hours online trolling for photos of ‘new faces’.”

Ya reckon I’ve allowed myself to screw myself?

“FACT: I was under the impression that as new faces are always “needed” and as the internet does allow for potential “talent” to be looked at by potential employers, it’s a good thing, and not exploitive.”

Are we now POSITIVE that on-line talent search agencies are unnecessary and thus all just a great deal of hype?

Then it would seem that we need to approach these people (casting directors, modeling agents, and talent agents) directly and this Talented Cafe website does the trick by giving us the email database? Bet there are going to be a LOT of “VERY PISSED OFF” talent agents once this takes hold… Get in line I’m already posting my email. Hahaha!!!

Thanks Talented Cafe People!!!


This is a bit of fun for those with the blues

Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions Cheer me up: This takes a short while to load in here, but its worth it



Spitzer’s Office Files Lawsuit Seeking Restitution for Defrauded Actors

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer today announced that his office has filed a lawsuit against a Montgomery County man who scammed dozens of actors into believing he was a talent agent and casting director for major motion picture studios.Eric Charles Roselli, also known as Eric Latham, of Amsterdam, is accused of fraud, deceptive business practices, false advertising and violations of a state law that prohibits advertisements for show business employment opportunities when an advance fee is a condition of employment.

“This individual pretended to be a movie talent agent and nearly convinced many people to pay in advance for an opportunity to appear in a movie,” Spitzer said. “But his claims were not substantiated and my office is now seeking restitution for those who were victimized.”

In June 2003, Roselli placed an advertisement in Backstage Magazine, a publication read by individuals in the entertainment industry. The advertisement invited aspiring actors to call a Manhattan telephone number for information about auditions purportedly affiliated with Paramount Studios and Warner Brothers.

Actors who called were told that auditions were being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albany. Hundreds of individuals traveled to Albany, at their own considerable expense, to appear for the auditions.

Spitzer’s investigation revealed that Roselli was not affiliated with either Castles in the Skystudio and that every actor who auditioned was offered a role by Roselli on the condition that they pay him $552 to join the “Artists Union,” a non-existent entity.

Several actors recognized Roselli’s offer as a scam and reported it to Spitzer’s office. Fortunately, no one paid the fee sought by Roselli.

In filing the lawsuit, Spitzer’s office seeks a court order compelling Roselli to pay full monetary restitution and damages to all aggrieved consumers, civil penalties for his violations of state laws and costs. The lawsuit also seeks a permanent injunction against Roselli barring him from future fraudulent, deceptive and illegal practices.

Individuals wishing to file a complaint against Roselli are encouraged to call the Attorney General’s consumer help line at (800) 771-7755 or visit the office’s web site at

This case is being handled by Principal Attorney Robert Vawter of the Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau.

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